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I work for the Emergency Communications Board in Tennessee. I basically assist agencies in fixing their maps, however I well informed in recent developments in 911.

AT&T will soon be implementing SMS texting to 911. What is your opinion of this. Also people have also discussed video and pictures to dispatch. Can you comment on this in your jurisdiction?

Also are you well paid/benefits at your location? Dispatching requires lots of training and experience. I think it needs to be a profession similar to EMT training. Is this the case where you are?

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35% of 911 calls are inadvertent. Part of the reason is if you dial 9 and 1 it will auto dial to 9-1-1. Kind of a bitch

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Is your PSAP in a position to receive texts, is so have you received any? I work Oregon's 911 service making maps for 911, what sort of maps do you all use and how helpful do you find them? Complaints?

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Do the CDT bro. It's so dry out on the Pacific right now all the seasonal streams are dry.

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Yeah that's what I hear a lot dispatch centers. They wind up just using Google maps to do their map work.