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It is why I always refer to things when searching online as "Sneezing at the internet".

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Will the Surface Pro 4 have Wacom's implementations return for a batteryless pen implementation?

Have you considered extending the EMR layer beyond the visible screen bezel to minimize edge screen drift?

Also, have you considered to have the pen be recognized in tilting and barrel rotating to also help in cursor orientation, calibration, and precision?

Are those things not currently possible sourcing the digitizer with Wacom?

Does Wacom's solution not work in reducing glass thickness needed for your parallax design requirement?

Also, there are pros and cons for the now, side Windows bezel icon. I liked it in the bottom and adjusted to such, but given Penny Arcade's Gabe on that aspect, I am going to definitely have my hands interfere more there than where it is on my Surface Pro 2.

Either way, would there be a Charms option to turn the haptic Windows bezel icon off?

Also, even if the new Surface Pro 3 settles on the 3:2 ratio, would there still be the same Surface Pro 2 and Pro 1 aspect and footprint or will Microsoft leave that area up to other OEMs? If such a decision is done, would you guys open up the Magnetic cover system to be in use with such compatible chassis and design (as I don't expect Microsoft to fully cater in features and design for everyone).

I speak of these things, because I am a VERY VERY satisfied user of the Pro 1 and Pro 2, and made the early adopter jump (and preordered the Pro 2 - due to the more roomier RAM and SSD storage). Not much in computing hardware has changed and in lieu of a batteryless (and less capable pen - I use a Fujitsu Lifebook pen with custom assignable menus and buttons on the Wacom driver - has two side buttons and a writing pressure end and eraser pressure end). The BIGGEST reason and draw to the device that surfaced was the pen in such a form factor (I researched and looked at Samsung's ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T before the Surface Pro 1 came out if any indication why I haven't picked it - due to the keyboard system).

A very wishful thinking, is future Surface Pros having user access swappable batteries. But given the compact consolidated nature, it possible isn't feasible while maintaining strength and the hinge system.

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For such a more "laptop" traditional feel, with light "tablet" use (the only drawback is lacking the pen) - Lenovo has it right with the Yoga series laptops.

But in some cases, I hear many complaining about being flimsy.

Return of the swivel screen hinge of past Tablet PCs (not the Yoga), is a no-no. To long to deploy, too fragile.

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As much of a great technical/design considerations of component sourcing and tech is explained in great detail below this parent comment; for things like ArtDock, I like the Pro 3's drivers to have something similar to Wacom's radial menu for shortcuts so there isn't a need for a constant on screen ArtDock.

(though I do see and possibly would use ArtDock - some applications have me holding Alt. But most of the time, I use the keyboard Type Cover)

I have a button on my Lifebook pen mapped to a radial menu, the other being a right click or middle click when warranted. I am sure something can be come up with that is done as such.

As much as some would appreciate the Power-on button at the end of the pen, I wish for that end to be a pressure eraser instead with round or a more spherical surface than a cylindrical one (one of the other things I do not like as much with the default Surface pen on the Pro 1 and Pro 2).

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Search "TouchMousePointer"

It turned my Surface Pro 2's touchscreen into a much roomier and responsive trackpad - given when I need it.