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This is exactly what I'm waiting for. As the market matures, competition will stiffen and margins will tighten. I'm envisioning the future of the industry is very similar where we have the giants like Budweiser and Coors, but also have a bustling craft scene. Hopefully over time some of these regulations and extremely high points of entry into the industry loosen so that the artisans can also go legal and put food on their table.

BTW, are you guys hiring? ;-)

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Were you on Shark Tank? I remember seeing an episode where a guy was pitching protein bars made with cricket flour.

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Thanks OP for the AMA. I have 2 questions:

1) What are you planing to do after this?

2) I imagine the sea turtle field is pretty small. Any chance you know any of the people involved with the video showing an extraction of a plastic straw from a sea turtles nose that's made its rounds on Reddit?

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Reddit hitting close to home today. I am good friends with a certain tall-ish blonde girl from Germany that was on that boat that day. You also probably know my wife :-)

How is your day going?

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