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It's not about will power, it's an illness and requires an understanding of the reason behind the substance use. Believe it not, the alcohol is not the problem, it's the solution we choose to deal with life's problems. Treatment involves skill building and developing healthy life skills.

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Sex is a natural instinct, the treatment for sex addiction is unlike other treatments where you a can develop skills for healthy sexual relationship with others/self.

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Have an open and honest conversation with people about their comfort level, set boundaries, communicate your needs and start to host alcohol free events. Most people will be happy to oblige!

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I hear you, post acute withdrawal can last up to 18-24 months, depending on the history and drug of use. It will get better, if the depression isn't resolved you should speak to your healthcare provider and talk about what you're experiencing. Congratulations on 6 months!

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Healthy diet and exercise are key to everyone's health, and under the direct care of a medical professional medications are sometimes necessary and advised. Please speak to your Healthcare provider.

It is VERY important to be honest about your substance use/mental health with your healthcare professional.