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For parents and others who are concerned a child they know may be being "predated" who should we call to report?

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  1. Good news, if you make as little money as it sounds, you should qualify for Medicaid under the ACA, which covers mental health treatment and medical from here on out.

  2. Here is an article about young men exiled or runaway from polygamist families; you're not alone and your life is not hopeless. There are nonprofits out there that specifically work with young men who ran away or were kicked out of polygamist groups, and others who generally work to help kids and young adults dealing with childhood trauma. PM me if you would like some help locating assistance in your area.

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It depends on the state and the judge assigned to the case and the case itself; some states have no assumption of reunification on a second removal.

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My understanding is that gay people can adopt, but no one can adopt if they are in a sexual relationship with someone they aren't married to, which they have to swear to in court. So you have to be either completely single, or legally married. Didn't Utah just get gay marriage?