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Would you say they are ground into duck-sized pieces?

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Have there been any mandated changes in the foods being served to children in your school? If so, are they able to purchase different food for more money?

Do you agree with the food being provided? (portions, type, rationales?)

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As well as your vs you're.

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Mr Poetter:

As a veteran and a medical professional, I've devoted a lifetime of work towards providing for my community, wherever I happen to be. I became an activist, still driven by the concept of community involvement as well as holding close to the basic principles behind the creation of the US Constitution, that this was a country founded for and by the citizenry.

Would you be willing to stand up against corporate and financial interefence in the political process?

Would you be willing to push forward the idea that students are more than just dollar signs?

Would you be willing to say no to costly wars that serve no legitimate purpose when it comes to national defense?

What are your thoughts on taking the ACA onward and pushing into a single-payer system?

Would you be willing to restore the 4th Amendment to its original purpose and tell the NSA and various agencies that people have a right to privacy and the feeling of being safe in their own homes without the threat of being spied on or having their homes raided by the police?

Would you be willing to join groups like the EFF to protect equal access to the internet and global information?