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Hi John, I love your work and movies in general. What are some of the qualities that make great directors, in your experience? Any great stories of how a director helped make a great moment happen?

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I remember when I went through my major anxiety chapter, I thought I’d never poop normally again. Once the anxiety cleared up, it got better. But did I have to slowly reintroduce foods over several months.

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Some tips from an opera lover: start by getting the style in your ear. Find a “best of” or “greatest hits” album of Puccini, Verdi or Wagner. It’ll probably be a series of solo songs sung by the characters in that composers’ operas (they’re called ‘arias’) with some duets and choruses, too. Put it on in the back ground while you work. When something grabs you, look up the singer and look up the opera the song is from (this can be tricky and might involve googling an Italian song title). If you want to know more about that show, use YouTube to watch some clips or use Wikipedia to look at what the opera is about and it’s history. Then look up the nearest good opera company and go see a show!