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Someone told me that you once had three whole cannabises in one night. Is this true?

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My company, like most state-owned media, does not engage in a lot of investigative journalism. In fact, most of the information our reporters use to write their stories is spoon-fed in the form of press releases, statements from government spokesmen and public notices issued by various government departments. Naturally, any kind of controversial or damaging content is omitted from that information before our reporters even receive it.

Sounds strangely familiar! The vast majority of the commercial press over here is run in the same way. Stories don't necessarily have to be censored, but there isn't enough time for people to check sources so a lot of the time all we read is rehashed press releases.

"I commissioned research from specialists at Cardiff University, who surveyed more than 2,000 UK news stories from the four quality dailies (Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Independent) and the Daily Mail. They found two striking things. First, when they tried to trace the origins of their "facts", they discovered that only 12% of the stories were wholly composed of material researched by reporters. With 8% of the stories, they just couldn't be sure. The remaining 80%, they found, were wholly, mainly or partially constructed from second-hand material, provided by news agencies and by the public relations industry. Second, when they looked for evidence that these "facts" had been thoroughly checked, they found this was happening in only 12% of the stories." - Nick Davies

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Hello! Have a couple of questions if that's ok?

Years ago I bought a book about lucid dreaming as I was eager to get into it. In one of the first chapters it asked the question "Are you awake?" and went on to say as we never usually ask that question when we are, so we'll also never ask it when we dream. It also stated that simply by starting to read the book, a lucid dream might occur. That night I fell asleep, asked myself that question and to my surprise found myself dreaming. It was loads of fun at first until I "woke up" still within the dream and repeated what had happened before. This kept on happening over and over until I finally woke up, angry and in agony. My entire body was basically in ruin and I was pouring sweat. Didn't really recover from it for hours and tbh it put me off looking into lucid dreaming further.

Was it just a case that I hadn't learnt enough to control the dreams properly, or is lucid dreaming not suitable for everyone? Also, to those who can do it without fucking themselves up like myself, is it safe to to it every night or are there limits?

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