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Local WWll veteran discovers this one weird trick to stay young! Women can't resist him!

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You sound like a good grandson, wish my gramps was around today, geez... He was a WWll vet also. .. and I just realized I never thanked him for his service to his country before he died. .. but I was young back then and that was before I served myself. . .aw man now I'm sad :(

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I think Laura San Giacomo is one of the hottest women alive I have no idea why.

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Hello Sir! Thank you for doing this AMA, more importantly thank you for your service Devil Dog! I was what you could call a modern day Marine, was enlisted 2009-2013, and am also a combat Vet myself (Afghanistan 2011). My question is what was the Marine Corps like back then? How do you feel about today's modern Marine Corps? Do you feel our beloved Corps has grown softer since WWII?