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RedwoodRustlers72 karma

Will you be in Better Call Saul?

RedwoodRustlers40 karma

Will you be producing any new film projects?

RedwoodRustlers36 karma

What real alternatives will there be in the near future to oil & coal that wouldn't break the bank, or planet?

RedwoodRustlers12 karma

Keep up the good work! Now will the phone one day be silent and not have the one ring before it gets blocked?

RedwoodRustlers8 karma

When will basic Free to Air satellite DVB-S2 be in North America like in Europe, (http://www.freesat.co.uk/) with a small dish? Just the networks & PBS would be nice. No signal with local off-air broadcast no direct line of sight to the broadcast tower.

Or will cell towers ever transmit TV for free?