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How do you feel about being cast in a stereotypical Chinese role? I know a lot of actors tend not to go for roles that just poke fun at their race. Was it just too good of an opportunity to pass up (working with Mike Judge and on an HBO show) or do you not have a problem with it?

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What languages do you see the most demand for from a developing standpoint?

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In 2011, only 12% of bachelors were awarded to females.

A strange way of putting it. I mean it I'm pretty sure they aren't denying women degrees or entrance into majors based on the fact that they're females. It's either an issue with low enrollment or with low success rate. I mean most girls I knew in college just genuinely didn't like math. Unless it's an issue of shunning little girls for being good at/having an interest in math based subjects when they're young so they don't like it when they're older, I don't see how to change the disparity aside from taking choice away and forcing women into specific majors. I'm not female, though, so I don't know how anti-math learning environments are for them.

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Which is worse for you?

Sleep deprivation or having to use sleeping pills each and every night?