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Me too only I was thinking he was too stunned/surprised. I was like "what kinda idiot can't just walk off?"

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I'd like to drop a book recommendation for you amongst this sea of comments called Terrier by Tamora Pierce. The main character can see the ghosts of the dead, who ride on pigeons.

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Why aren't cops mandatory reporters to CPS the way literally everyone else who deals with the public is?

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Another former petland employee here:

One of the worse that happened was a rat was returned to us and he bit me (my fault entirely) to the point I bled a lot. The manager the next day grabbed the rat and "euthanized" him by holding him by the tail (extremely painful for their spines) and slamming him against a table until he stopped moving all the while she and her friend were laughing and making jokes with each other about it like "ohhh don't let him get me slam hahahaha"

My coworker told me about it (I wasn't there yet) and I confronted the managers friend who was immediately pissed that my coworker told me.

If I'd known the rat would be euthanized I would have taken him home and kept him in my rat cage