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Hi, I am very interested in this project, the only reason I haven't backed it is due to the lack of shown content, however what I have been shown looks quite interesting. I do have a few questions that I wanted to ask.

  1. So as we saw by the early combat footage, will the combat only be the pattern "beatsaber" based, or can the play freely swing in whichever motion they want and hit the enemy and do damage? It feels a little weird to make it solely patterns and rythm imo.
  2. The economy, since we all know that in mmos the economy is one of the biggest interesting factors and could either break the game or keep it stable. Is there any idea for a supply and demand type of economy?
    1. 2a Will there be limited resources in the world perhaps? or needs to take time to regen?
    2. 2b Will players be able to start shops in the world to try to make a in game living for themselves?
  3. As another person asked, housing and land. Will players be able to buy property in the game?
    1. If yes, what will the purpose of these properties be? Private lounge? Storage? Crafting space?
    2. Will there be some sort of property that we can buy and perhaps rent out to some other person? Or maybe will we be able to place down some sort of building?

P.S I know these questions are very long term into development mostly, but I thought it would be best I ask since I am thinking about backing the game.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

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Ah ok thank you for answering my question

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thank you!