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RedditorManIsHere47 karma

Rod Stewart = He looks like a prick with that smirky smile

Lenny Kravitz = All around nice guy, alot of good stories about him. You should've asked for a photo.

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Escorts/Hookers etc

What is your opinion of them staying in your hotel? Do you ever bother to call the cops?

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Really - Hotel rules can't have guests past 11pm?

So rock stars can't be having crazy ass parties then????

RedditorManIsHere7 karma

What about hookers having people visit them in hotels? A lot of towels were outside this one room.

I guess if you left them $20, they really don't care.

RedditorManIsHere7 karma

Oh damn that really sucks

Hope you get back on your feet soon.

What an interesting world of 5 * Hotel stories.