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I had one, and the worst thing was the preparation. But it's been years since mine, and I hear that even the prep has gotten better. The best thing about my colonoscopy is I slept through it -- I was told that I didn't get past 95 on the countdown from 100 as I went under the anesthetic. There was no pain afterward, and I went home not too long after waking up.

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I hear that colorectal cancer rates are rising, especially among young people. Why is that, y'all think? And what can we do to prevent this cancer?

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I hear that this flu season is expected to be a tough one. I'm curious: What kinds of things go into making such a prediction?

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I like the idea of repairing stuff. But sometimes, it's hard for me to get motivated to figure out exactly what needs to be done, break out the tools needed, and get to work. What helps you get motivated? And what gives you the confidence you need to get started? (Does it help if you make a list? Sometimes, that helps me.)

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Two of my relatives disagree politically, and they tend to argue when they're together. I've tried gentle persuasion to stop the arguments, which can put a cloud over family get-togethers, but that doesn't help. And arguing back or taking sides only adds to the problem. Not inviting one or both seems the only way to avoid this, but I'd like to see my whole family together, if that's possible.

Any advice?