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I did this last weekend while hungover in 94 degree heat. It's not all that great...

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Congrats and great work! I've really enjoyed the watch so far. While writing the script did you envision celebs in the roles you created? Asking because Vince was a great choice for principal and it seems pretty natural.

P.S. I'm currently a third of the way through the movie but had to stop because I was hungover watching it and once the party started I was getting nautious watching all of the drinking.

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One of the grossest phrases I've read this morning....I don't think I've gone deep enough yet.

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What if this is your superhero background story in the making?

Seriously though, best of luck and I hope you figure this out for yourself and posterity!

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A large percentage of millenials (age 20-34) have families now and can't afford not to have health care.