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Can you tell us about your instruments? Do they have any crazy heritage?

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To add to this, as a member at the Columbus zoo, get there when it opens and get a map, it'll list the times of different feedings and shows. Look to see when the cheetah run is happening, and get there 5-10 min early to watch it. They run a cable around the enclosure with a ball that the cheetah runs after at full speed.

If it's open, the kangaroo exhibit is fun to walk through. I could also spend hours watching the manatees.

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Can you share any information about your instrument?

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At the archives or in general? I know a few MA History people at Starbucks that might be able to hook you up.

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I was planning something similar (inspired by you) for my wife before the pandemic shut things down. Of all the random people in the world to think of during this time, I've seriously wondered how you have been doing.

How has the pandemic affected your business? While I imagine people have a desire to do something, have you had challenges hiring clue givers and the interactions? Approaching strangers seemed to be important in the past, but I know I've been hesitant to walk up to random people who may or may not be sick.