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RedRackhamsPleasure7 karma

First of all, congratulations on creating something that a bunch of people seem to like a lot. That's no small achievement!

That said, I stopped using Fitocracy some time ago and am unlikely to return for a number of reasons. I sent you guys an email at one point that made a few suggestions and never got a response, then got a spammy "Heyyy [insert name] you should come back to Fitocracy!" email a few months later. I responded to that email and again got no response.

As others are saying, it seems that your sole priority is creating a social networking site, while the graphs and charts are an afterthought. There are many easily implementable things you could do to drastically improve the data aggregation and visualization aspect of the site. While perhaps a small minority of your users care strongly about this aspect, some modest improvements would make the site infinitely more appealing to them.

It's your company, of course, and I'm sure you are primarily driven by what is likely to be a profitable product, but it seems disingenuous to brand yourself as kinda quirky and nerdy to appeal to the Reddit crowd.

Best of luck.

RedRackhamsPleasure2 karma

Glad to hear it! Fitocracy clearly has a lot of potential - good luck.