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RedComet009311 karma

Peter, I am a young international trade attorney and big fan of your writings, and love listening to your lectures on YouTube.

One question for you is this: how did you make a career in geopolitics? I would love to pursue a similar path in the long term.

Another relating to your thought process regarding a hot war in Europe based on Russia's declining population: your analysis makes complete sense, but doesn't nuclear deterrence make the need for a shooting war in Europe both far less likely and far less necessary from the Russian perspective? They don't need a choke to defend if they can protect their borders from invaders with the threat of nuclear retaliation.

Other than this I'd love to hear your take on (1) Iran; (2) if there's a way the US can go "too far" that would override the new transaction-based foreign policy that demographics will force other countries into; or (3) just to open up /r/worldnews and give commentary on whatever you see there