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Red-Fox1427 karma

Oh hey I remember you from whenever ago. How's things?

Also I love your hair...

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Both, it's a nice colour. And I think it was your last one, if I recall I showed you my own albino character Dawn.

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I've developed her a bit more, looked much more into her own future and thinking on how things are going to go for her. But not really much more art. I've put tonnes more into two other characters however, particularly that birdy Becca. She's a witch(of the Wicca variety), and learning about that's been fun. The other would be my villain, the Butcher. Love doing evil...

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Get out of here, the man doesn't need the stupidity of your kind.

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What were your rations like? I recall reading about it sometime ago, and that I found it interesting, but I don't remember much of it...