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Scott Borgerson

Ah ok, CargoMetrics guy. That is not a shipping company. Maersk made some minor investment in them, but they were data players, and not very big ones at that. Definitely not a "shipping company."

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Hey there, fellow industry person here. I'd be curious to know what sizes of MVs/MTs you work on and what routes.

Also, were you working on the PSV when the bottom fell out of the market a couple of years ago?

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Her boyfriend—or is he her husband?—works in shipping

Who is that?

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To further clarify, they bring things like pipes and such to offshore oil rigs of various kinds. They can be used for other offshore things too, and there are different types, but that's their main gig. The petroleum part of the offshore industry has tanked since the USA and Canada ramped up shale production, and after BP's little disaster in the USG, so they are not a great type of ship to work on at present.

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Product tankers are very cool, even those small ones. Good thing you dropped out of the offshore market - about a third of the world's PSVs are still laid up.

And it's good your looking for shore side work with the new IMO 2020 fuel regs coming into effect - that's going to set off a major liquidity crisis in shipping, and seaboard crew always gets hit first.