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You're Welcome! Thanks for paying my salary!

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I knew my time was coming up and I wanted to do something different so I went to my superintendent and told her I wanted to do a Joint Expeditionary Tasking deployment (or JET as we call it) and deploy with the army. She told me to relax and that I would get tasked to deploy sooner or later. One month later I was I got my JET orders. So a little of both but I'm not quite sure how "random" it was.

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In Afghanistan I got to do a lot of cool stuff I wouldnt normally get to do like insert chest tubes, intubate, and other cool stuff. The cool thing about surgery is that you can see immediate results after the surgery of a life saved or quality of life that got better. We would see Afghan women who were abused physically and sexually and we were able to give them medical care they would usually never get and get them to the only womens and children hospital in the country to hopefully get them the help they need.

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I am proud to say that at my FST there were no Coaltition casualties. However there were times when they couldnt get the soldeir to us in time or the soldier was just killed instantly. We pulled them off the helicopter and were there for the Hero's Ceremony and that was always hard. When you are working on someone you never had enough time to stop and think about it but when we had downtime all of it would come rushing back to you. Everyone deals with it differently, I would go running a lot and workout to keep my mind preoccupied.

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