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Have you ever tried to wipe your ass with silk? It is terrible bumwad. It isn't very absorbant because it is fairly hydrophobic. The weave is so fine and dense that it scrubs away poop about as well as Saran wrap.

Charmin Ultra Soft: like wiping your ass with your girlfriends favorite angora sweater.

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That gif is reversed. In the original video she just keeps pushing it in, swallows the whole thing, and licks her lips with a cute smile.

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With hot water burns, you MUST remove your water soaked clothes immediately. When hot water soaks your clothes, your clothes hold the hot water against your skin which increases the duration of heating significantly. It can be the difference between a 1st degree scalding and a 3rd degree burn.

Boiling water burns are a serious hazard when you're out camping wearing a lot of insulative layers which can become soaked with hot water and really increase the duration of burn with hot water.

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Suck it Hoover.

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Send the guy a Pink Panther DVD. Your radiologist may be the medical equivalent of Inspector Clouseau.

All the best in your recovery. Watch out for drop bears!