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And Aaron Hernandez.

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Hey Marques!

Love your videos.

Was wondering, what's your favorite disc to throw?

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Which of the actors/actresses from The League is the most like their character?

Also, do you ever plan on appearing on an album with Jon Lajoie?


Thanks for the AMA tall guy. Scrote squad!

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Yeah. That's a blessing. Can you imagine a real life person like that.

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Yo Adrian! With the recent retiring of your former teammate Sidney Rice who credited his history of concussions as the reason. You've been quoted as saying "No football for Adrian Jr." So it appears that you are really aware of the issue. So here are my questions.

  1. What are some of the concussion tests done on the sideline?

  2. Has there ever been a game or play where you thought that you or one of your teammates shouldn't be playing?

  3. Do you think the NFL or the Vikings are doing enough to prevent head injures?

Congrats on getting married and good luck this season. (Except when you play the Pats, can you just sit that one out?)