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The Boston Athenaeum has a book bound in human skin. It's a memoir written by a convicted highwayman while in jail. He requested it be bound in his own skin and given to the man responsible for catching him!

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This is one of the questions I get the most! Chum knows what he is about. He's very good at his role of court jester. He's clever at coming up with the right lines for his role.

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Can't get into background contract stuff because I've signed an NDA. But suffice to say that my company decided to participate in the show for the advertising.

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No. Has Rick damaged a book brought in for the show? Yes. Have I stopped filming to ask people to handle a book properly to avoid damage? Yes.

But actually it's very easy to handle most books without doing them harm if you follow some basic rules. I wrote about that on my blog here:


The most expensive book I've appraised for Pawn Stars was probably the Steuben at $18,000. Though my company sells books in the $100k+ range, and I've personally sold books worth half a million.

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Well, I'm on TV, and that's what happens to a woman on TV. I admit to a bit of frustration when I'm focusing on books and people explicitly tell me they don't care about that, only my appearance. But, again, I'm on TV. I expect (and receive) a range of reactions.

That said: I do expect and ask for people to treat me respectfully as a fellow human being (while fully aware that internet troll culture can be a strong force!).

My husband just thinks it's funny.