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It will be a good investment financially but not awesome and not bad. Go Clips!!!!!

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The clippers are a great team in the best market in the world and with a great future. The team can succeed and be profitable and build value. And I love hoops and going to Clippers games. We will be relentless and hard core in being the best team we can be. Go Clips

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No I was not involved. I love that Microsoft keeps pushing forward in new ways under my successor. I believe in those guys and hold my shares dearly.

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Steve here. I never imagined how many people would be willing to educate me and help me understand the world and its possibilities for innovation based on the position I had. Also, I had been deputy to the CEO for years and yet did not understand the full weight of responsibility in the job until I took it.

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Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Dave Bing as a native Detroiter!!