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BOTH: Laugh!

JONI: That's hysterical!

KIM: I think that was a mom and dad thing. And a god thing.

JONI: We're sisters.

KIM: We met as infants.

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KIM: I'll tell you what it is. For me, these are the direct words - it's the light of the Lord Jesus Christ in my life. There's light in his life. There's a verse that says "in your light, we see light." And I believe that light is the same energy - when God said "Let there BE light" and the world came into being. That's life, there's constant life going on. That same energy when we perform, it's light and it's life. And I believe that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob created that light.

JONI: I take Cordyceps.

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KIM: Oh, NEVER, never.

JONI: You know, that's the weirdest question, we get it all the time. But every audience was different. Every experience is different. It's not like singing "My name is Jim, and I climb a tree."

KIM: It works for soccer teams, and family reunions, and ballet groups, and we just saw Ted Allen, from CHOPPED, and he was enjoying it, you know?! and it was so nice to sing with him onstage, "We are Family!"

So everybody - that's about food, you know! There's family even in cooking!

JONI: We were celebrating the 1 billionth download of that song. It's really weird, but I remember you were saying, we were flying over Los Angeles, and we were looking at all the lights down there, and somebody turned to me and said "99.99% of those lights know WE ARE FAMILY."

And it hit me. And I was like "Wow, that is really profound."

KIM: When Nelson Mandela was in prison, he actually wrote this - that while he was there, he used to hear "We are Family" - the prison guards would play it - and he said that when he heard that song, it gave him hope. And they became eventually - he could connect with the prison guard, because HE loved the song, and hearing that song inspired him so much, and that was a connecting between the two of them.

"We are Family."

We were just amazed to hear that.

He said "*I knew there was hope - because the song tied us together."

JONI: I have a question - just going to put that out there - are you a Whammo?

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JONI: I remember the Jacksons, we performed with them live. We did a great tour - it was the Brothers versus the Sisters. I remember we used to like sports, like swimming and playing basketball, and I remember that Michael couldn't play ball. He wasn't allowed to play basketball. It was kinda odd. Very sad, they put a lot of restrictions on him.

But we had the most amazing time with them. Shopping in malls...

KIM: I remember we used to travel at night, after the concerts, and we'd pull up to the truck stops - ALL of us - people had no idea that the Jacksons were at their truckstops, because they would wear the hoodies, and we'd all climb out of our busses, really funky in the middle of the night, climb up to barstools in these little truckstops, and NOBODY knew. They'd cover up and just have a blast, and then jump back in our busses going to the next town.

JODI: I remember performing at Radio City Music Hall with Marvin Gaye once. This was the day that Bob Marley passed away, and we were all in shock. And we ended up creating this version of one of our songs as a tribute to him. And the entire audience, all of us, just really bowed down, and paid homage, because it affected us so strongly, because he was such a hero for us.

And we have a version of that song, called "He's Just A Runaway," that's dedicated to Bob Marley. Yeah.

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KIM: Teaching James Brown French.

JONI: Oh, that was really, really funny. The first time we went to Zaire, it was a Francophone country. And I had studied French in school, and they asked me to teach James Brown how to say a few words in French.

And as you all know - James Brown speaks his own language!

And so... it was a challenge. And if James Brown is so into soul, that... when he runs out of screaming, he starts reciting food - Soul Food - like he might shout "Neck bones! Candied Yams!"

And so I had to teach him how to say "Je suis James Brown."

So I started saying - "say Just Sweet Potatoes"!

And then I said "Drop the potato!"

And he said "JUST SWEET!"

And there you go! This is a TRUE STORY.

KIM: And at that time, that was for the Ali / Foreman fight. We were babies then.

JONI: I also told him to say "Neck Bone!"

And then I said "Drop the neck!"

And then he said "BONE!"

For "Bon."

So I said "Very good! Very good!"