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RealRoaminRabbitt98 karma

Hi Damien, I've been following your progress since last year and I have great appreciation for what you are doing. I spent about half of last year on the SA-Zim border working with an anti-poaching unit with an isolated number of white rhinos and elephants on 16,500 hectares just outside of Musina, ZA. I quit my fancy job in the states and went out there, and I got hooked. I am looking to get back out to Africa to get back to helping however I can (mostly served as driver for our unit and spotting via helicopter owned by the grounds), but will happily do whatever. Can you tell me if you know of any ways I can get more involved beyond just the standard means of donations? I am looking for a way to get myself back out there and be able to sustain for an extended period of time. I've got great admiration and envy for what you're doing there day to day. I've seen how brutal the situation really can be. It was heartbreaking arriving on neighboring farms to find a dead rhino with the horn so brutally torn from its head...