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It's being slowly abducted.

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That's perfectly fine.

Because I am the first one to admit that what I am talking about is crazy, or can be regarded as crazy, so I am perfectly aware that these thoughts sound out there. BUT this does not prevent me from continuing to ask questions.

Because if - in this day and age - asking questions means that you're crazy? Then I admit, I am the craziest of them all.

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I love it.

I think it's a great honor to have been embraced by the interwebz, worldwide. I really think that it just shows that - it doesn't show anything, but it shows that people embrace the show. I think it's wonderful, the fan-base, I have the best fans in the world. This is something I really have to say. Everybody has been tremendous in their outreach, and in embracing not only the ideas, but also the meme, and I think it's a fantastic combination.

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Oh. It's definitely styled.

I mean, it's lots of hairspray.

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Uh... nothing. It just happened.