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Follow up to that. How is selling out our country for the betterment of the fossil fuel industries only worth $9 million?

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Surely if we did get a Federal ICAC, the legislation that governs it could be written to allow referrals to the AFP when corruption warranting investigation has occurred.

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That video has 5k shares on facebook already. Hopefully the message gets across to the right people though.

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I mean they are the Australian Greens.

Actually though, given the traction that the U.S movement has had, especially with young people, it’s a great thing. It improves reach to more people, and unlike in the U.S, socialist isn't a dirty word so you're still pretty clearly articulating the positive and crucial push for change to better our (the people's) lives and the environment.

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Hi Adam, appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Given your position as Greens Leader and having your finger so close to the pulse on the inner workings of parliament, how significant do you think the outcome of the impending U.S election will be in seeing the Liberals and Labor start to promote more progressive and sustainable agendas?

I feel Labor were on the right track before the last election, but have taken some big steps back since Albanese took over. And given Scott Morrison is a huge Trump fan, if Trump were defeated and the *slightly* more progressive Democrats take office, can we realistically expect anything more than the pandering to the rich we are getting from the current government?

There is clearly a lot of internal fighting amongst the major parties in how their MPs feel they should be handling climate change, so it would be good to get your insight into what action we might realistically be able to expect before the next Oz election.

I have so many other questions, but I'll go with this given it's so soon and will have such a direct and significant impact on our future.

Thanks in advance!