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I have had my number “taken off the list” several times when I explained that I was not the person they are looking for. My past two phone numbers, in fact, have been used by people in debt. I changed my phone number and got the exact same problem with a different person. They give out my phone number to everyone and I get constant calls from debt collectors. The collectors never stop and just call from a different number. Is there anything I can do about this particular problem?

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Wow thanks for replying so quickly. I guess that brings up a new problem but you’ve been super helpful. I don’t even know who these people are that are calling me. I’m mostly deaf so I usually won’t answer but if my phone has been blowing up to the point of being distracting I’ll try to figure out who it is. I usually am only able to get “looking for Jessica Blahblah” and then I explain that it’s not me and to stop calling. Actually figuring out who they are and where to send the letter might be tough but I can ask someone for help..... so annoying

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Lol I did. Verizon was unhelpful

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So since they associated my number with the person in debt just once, they always will? I am in no way related to this person and have no idea who they are.