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I was 50 when I got my high school diploma.

I can sort of imagine you about to sit the exam when another 50-year-old asks you why you waited so long:

"Oh, I fled Nazi Germany. How about you?"

"Erm... I messed about in school a lot..."

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Broadly, 20 and 21st century Irish theatre's intersections with history, violence, and nation-building/identity.

I almost fell asleep just reading that.

Good luck.

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Plot twist: you're a urologist.

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"Attempt to distribute" means they torrented it.

There was a huge scandal in the UK where everyone who had used their credit card on a payment processing site was arrested because the payment site was also used by child porn sites. Some famous people got arrested, including Pete Townshend from The Who (however, he admitted to knowingly doing it), and Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack (who was cleared).

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Isn't self-prescribing controlled drugs pretty much just asking to get caught?