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Haven't watched much FreddieW, but I'm guessing it's like Morcambe and Wise, Penn and Teller etc.

They're both good on their own, but together, they are great.

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For 25 years, $2m is a joke..

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I'm surprised you're retired, you're still stunning, do you not do any modelling at all?

Social Media has screwed a lot of industries, I see why money could be a problem nowadays, although how people look on social media is rarely accurate.

I follow fashion a little, I've tried to contact Allegra Versace a few times to no avail, her anorexia pisses me off, I've been through similar circumstances so I know I could help her (I'm male), so it annoys me to see her every year looking so thin and gauntly.

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So he was set up then?