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Edit2: Wow OP thanks for all the insight into your profession, this AMA answered all of my questions and left me giddy with joy and not disappointed in the slightest. Edit3: statement retracted Hey thanks for doing this AMA, I interned at a public defenders office over the summer and have a few questions for the other side of the system.

  1. What do you think about the privatization of jails and prisons, do you think your own facility is benefited by being private. EDIT: (Slight rephrasing, do you think the county and the kids that are detained benefit from the facility being private)

  2. Have there been any detainees that really made you feel uneasy, even though they are only juveniles.

  3. Have there been any situations where you have said "why the hell is this kid in here"

  4. How do you feel about juveniles being prosecuted as adults

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You get Its Always Sunny in China? Do you guys have netflix?

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Totally. A simple LLC set up is all you would need. Couple of days of working with a lawyer could save you from losing your personal assets because someone burnt their house down

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Going off of this, have you ever thought about getting into base jumping because of this profession. I think the temptation to take a parachute up on the job would be hard to resist. I also think I would be fired very quickly after.