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Thank you, Bill!

I've long been saying that environmental alarmists hurt the case that we need to take action against Climate Change more than they help. People do not believe the suggestions that we'll create a runaway greenhouse effect like on Venus, or that we'll turn the earth into an uninhabitable dustbowl and make ourselves extinct.

Your worst case scenario presents a much more reasonable take on the issues that are being caused by global warming. I believe this take is also more motivating. It's hard to imagine causing an apocalypse, but everyone can imagine more violence, more poverty, and lower quality of life.

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Come up here to the great white north and play with the much bigger and scarier white bears, eh!

(Just kidding. Based solely on climate, I'd pick Florida over northern Canada, too. Also, I'm in southern Ontario. We only have black bears here, so you'd be, "same job, different weather.")

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As a brown guy

  1. And you walked through America. Brave man.

  2. Welcome to Canada, good job. Your route isn't taking you anywhere near the most heavily populated part of Canada, so I won't see you, but no point adding a few hundred kilometers to your trip...

  3. Thanks to Breaking Bad, I had a mental image that this "Skyler" was a blonde woman. Ooops!

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I have no questions. I just want to say that I read your submission title incorrectly, as "IamA 34 year old human female geneticist," and started thinking, "What other species can be geneticists?"

That's enough RPGs for me.

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I'm have lived in Brampton, ON for the last several years, so I've already seen the most populated part of Canada. Time to see the rest of it!

I don't envy you your trip. I've driven along Highway 17 in northern Ontario a lot... I find the landscape to feel rather bleak.