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Congratulations on the site and overall success of your idea!

I am curious as to why you decided to start a stand-alone website? From a quick look, it's obvious the site doesn't get nearly as much traffic as the sub on reddit. The appeal of your subreddit, at least to me, is that it's a great place for healthy discussion, on a site that users already use.

Why would people visit your website, when they have the same content with more users (meaning more discussion) on reddit?

I have not seen ads on your website, but are there plans to monetize it in the future?

I just don't see this move as a smart decision, more of a forced departure to be able to say "I have my own website, brand, etc."

Change my mind :)

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Thanks for the reply!

I definitely see the opportunity to further design and optimize the website and discussion forum.

But I the main problem still persists: why will users chose to use your website?

Is this an active concern? How are you going to attract users, and more importantly how are you going to make them come back after a one time visit?

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Love the point about discussion in other languages!

Thanks for all the replies and good luck with your project!

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Do you go to a typical high school, or are you home schooled? If you go to high school, how are others treating you?

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sick man! I'm glad you were'nt bullied and shit. I guess there are still nice poeple out there!