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I’m studying public health in school right now and I really believe psychedelics are the future for mental health treatment. How would you suggest volunteering or getting an internship at an organization studying psychedelic use? I really want some experience in this field and would love to be a real researcher in this area one day. Also what organizations would you recommend looking into? Thanks in advance!

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China has recommended iv high doses of vitamin c for preventing and treating the virus. What do you think of this? Is there too much of an emphasis on creating new solutions instead of considering what we already have?

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The janitor my old elemetary school was the best. I was in an after school program and he worked hours after school ended and I would sometimes go around with him at night to see what he does. He once showed me this room with a ladder in it that went to a secret catwalk above the school and it was awesome. I asked him whats the most gross thing you've came across, and he told me he once saw "poopoglyphics," which he created the name for when he saw writing on a bathroom wall that was written with litteral shit.

So same question for you, what's the grossest thing you've came across, and are there kids who don't like you? THere was always the kids at my school who would hate on the janitor and try to leave a mess for him even though he never did anything.

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What do you think of newer pay for performance models? Do you use these or want to? You think there’s any downsides to it?