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It took a while. But check this: A couple months ago I had gone and spent a day with a buddy to film some stuff. I'm on my way back, riding my ATV in the dark toward the cabin. Like, really dark. Straight out of a spooky movie, right? But all I could think was, "Ah it's good to come home." My typical day is get up, marvel at everything. Have some breakfast. Think about doing something useful. Think about filming something for my youtube videos. Maybe binge watch something on netflix. And just do whatever.

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Got lucky with internet. Found a company that has an LTE tower not far away. I get 25Mb down, 1Mb up, and unlimited data. For $85/month. Pretty damn happy about that.

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Are you kidding? There's naked beaver swimming by my cabin daily.

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Did I mention how lucky I am?