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RareBird10120 karma

Bruce, you’ve talked before about rye mash experimentation. While I’d never want the bourbon recipe to change, I think a second rye recipe - maybe a throwback to the old 101 Maryland or Pennsylvania style - could be amazing. Any chance we’ll this type of venture?

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Eddie, what’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned from Jimmy?

Bruce, what’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned from Eddie?

RareBird10112 karma

Eddie, give us some insight into the incredible W. B. Saffell. What was your thought process? Did you have a profile goal? Did that goal change? And finally, will there be a second batch?

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Eddie and Bruce - of the four domestic Master’s Keep releases, which is your favorite and why? Okay, you’re welcome to throw 1894 in there too. :-)

RareBird10111 karma

Really? I think you need a third-party taster. And what do ya know - my calendar is open!