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No case of unreported ground water contamination has ever been traced back to frac.

I feel like that's a key word.... Why did you need that qualifier? What about reported ground water contamination?

Edit: Thanks for all the replies, guys! It just sounded kind of off to me. Appreciate all the helpful responses! :)

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I just wanted to thank you and the elders for spreading the word. SO many people seem panicked by this huge misconception about doomsday, it's really wonderful to see the Mayans clearing up the meaning behind the "end" of the calendar.

Question for Jonah- how did you end up in the position of working with the Mayan elders so closely? I'm jealous, for sure.

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That is awesome! Good for you for finding branches like Reddit to spread the word even farther. I'm so sorry that so many people fail to look into the Mayan culture before deeming themselves experts on the matter. I can imagine that's pretty frustrating. :(

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Thanks for the reply. It was just confusing to me, sounded kind of weird, but I wasn't trying to imply some big oil conspiracy. I appreciate you explaining the "unreported" phrase in this context. :)