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I've had plenty of shriveled ass little crispy fries because I figured what the hell, they just got overcooked or something.

Turns out cancer

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think of all the tendies you could buy with a 7 figure income

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These countries have cultures of obsessive work ethic. Any drug seen as making you lazy is reviled. Any drug that makes you harderbetterfasterstronger is seen as ehhh, okay.

I also know that Koreans are extremely reluctant to take any type of psychiatric medication whatsoever; not necessarily a bad thing until the culture of shame prevents people from taking it who actually need it.

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… I legitimately thought that ballistic fish tanks were literal fish tanks for aquariums made with bullet proof glass for countries where terrorist attacks are commonplace.

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I know you aren't asking me, but there's a distinction between just being attracted to children (i.e pedophilic disorder) and being someone that preys on children or exposes themselves to children etc. I'm attracted to adult women myself but you would never find me jerking off on some woman's veranda. That's a disorder in and of itself. My understanding is that there are many pedophiles who do not "offend" but would still be seeking therapy for their disorder.