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Seth Abramson also said in December that he was certain that Trump jr would be indicted and that Mueller was going to indict pence and Trump in the end. Seth is a half step away from being Louise Mensch at this point. He isn't being critical and he is spouting off his personal wishfulfillment as fact.

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Can I ask what you think the best evidence is that Betty and Barry are telling the truth? And what is the best evidence you have they may not be?

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That's specifically why I asked the question - I knew they had been under hypnosis and I know the satanic panic was created almost out of whole cloth because of false memory hysteria.

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Do you social work?

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Hey not sure if you're answering questions - but is there any other high quality corroborating evidence of their sighting? Other witnesses who gave contemporaneous reports of similar sightings? Physical evidence? Etc.