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If I were to spark a conversation with someone in a wheelchair, do you think I should go eye level, like kind of kneeling down, or stand straight and kind of look down to make eye contact?

Also, cute couple!

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Please release a mac version of the game! I have a bunch of friends playing but I'm left out.

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I can totally understand.

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I'd like to see him do a few laps at the Nurburgring... Good luck trying to remember every curve! haha Also, sweet Caterham! Which engine is in it? They should make a blind racing league. I'd pay many bitcoins to watch that

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How much are happy endings?

I'm sorry... Too hard to resist asking. I know you're professional and you don't do it.

Edit: I thought of a valid question! Has your personal life been affected by your profession? I'm thinking of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry dates that massage therapist.