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RandyMarshCT18 karma

After seeing the video and reading all your responses it is clear to me that you are a brilliant man. I don't have any questions, but I feel the need to thank you and commend you on your work. I see more patience and reason in you than almost any other human being I can think of. You are a very great man and I believe you will have an even bigger impact on society then you already have had. Thank you very much!

RandyMarshCT11 karma

I'm also an Eagle Scout and I support you 100%! Is there any type of community being formed to solidify Eagle Scouts to help you guys in your cause? Mass emailing or anything like that? I want to help support you guys, but I think returning my Eagle award is not the proper or effective way to do this. I think standing together and refusing to tolerate bigotry as Eagle Scouts is more effective. Keep your head up, there are so many of us standing with you!