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RandomizedAlgorithm1 karma

Hi Joel, thank you so much for doing this AMA!

I am a (naturalized) Canadian citizen who currently lives in the US for work. My husband (who I married in the US) is a Chinese citizen with Canadian PR.

1) his PR card will expire in early 2017. I have read through the requirements for renewing PR; I think his PR is safe since he is accompanying me in the United States. We will have to note that on the PR renewal form. Is this correct?

2) However, it seems like that this will be troublesome in the long run when he applies for citizenship. Time spent in the US with me will not count towards citizenship qualification. Is there a way around this, or do we eventually have to relocate back to Canada and stay there for him to be able to apply for citizenship?

3) I've read horror stories on immigration forums about this Residence Questionnaire business, which I'd never heard of when I was applying for my own citizenship (back in 2006). Apparently it can set your application back years. What is it and how does one avoid being hit with one?

Thank you again!