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I think we should leave gender out of it and just go with a simple "any person can sexually assault any other person." Sexual assault is a people issue not a gendered issue.

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Oh of course. I wasn't correcting you or anything. Sorry if it came off that way. :)

I was simply adding to the discussion, on top of what you were saying. That they should teach anyone can assault anyone.

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Ms. Pizzey, I have no question but I just wanted to say that you have all my respect. You are really doing some good in this world; thank you for never giving up.

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Could you explain a little further? I'm just not sure I understand why the gendered aspect is relevant in terms of children understanding sexual assault? Why isn't "Person X assaulted Person Y" good enough?

I do not pretend to know anything about children and how they perceive things but I'm coming from the fact that (I think) they could understand and sympathize the fact that a fellow person was hurt?

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I recently discovered a show called Jack of All Trades (Nostalgia Critic named it as having one of the best openings for an American TV series) and lo' it stars one of my favorite actors, you!

The show only ran for two seasons, do you think, if the show was released today, it would it be more successful? Also do you have any stories from the set of the show you can share?