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We in NYC know Birgitta is being very brave to come here, some people on this side of the pond are on the fascist crazy train. So jokes about threats are not exactly welcome. We will do everything we can and I do mean EVERYTHING to ensure her safety and comfort. ᛉᛉᛉ ;-7

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Yes. This. A thousand times, this.

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That's awesome! One of the gydhias who officiated at the wedding of my husband and I is a very out lesbian Hel's gydhia, the other is an "Odin's bride" much like Freya Aswynn. I am a Freyja's gydhia. I met the previous allsherjargodi, Jormundur Ingi some years ago. I have some Blue Blazes blueberry ginger mead that I shall bring, it is dedicated to Thor. I've taken some prizes for my meads including that one, I hope you like it. Things here are very different with regard to harassment based on religion. Both the left and the right do it. Dan (I know him) got himself in trouble because he presented himself as a Tyr's man and then he began to break his oaths, he is paying for it now. This I have no problem with, he was caught before he could help to financially rape the entire City of New York; but it is sad to have to chastise our left wing media for religious bigotry. Thanks for your reply and I look forward to meeting you and hearing you speak tomorrow. I'll be the one with the mead horn. ;-7

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Oh yes she is.

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Iceland is known for it's support of the "Old Ways", what is your opinion of Asatru? Should I bring a bottle of mead for you tomorrow so as to properly welcome you to NYC? :) Right now we are dealing with one of the first heathens to ever be elected in NYC, Councilman Dan Halloran, having been arrested for corruption (he's a Republican). Are there many Asatruar in the Icelandic Parliament? Are they accepted in career fields like that or are they harassed?