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Richard getting rich of the rich is not stupid. It's a good business model. I mean, they are willing to spend that much on a print of a comment so why stop them? When you consider the morality behind the production of the basis for the prints, Mr Prince doesn't seem that bad.

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That must have been said from the top of Everest then.

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I think he's not protesting that there should be classification but that it should be mandatory and you can't release a film as unrated.

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How do you feel towards your mother for not reporting your sister's "fiddling" of you? Is it a feeling of disappointment, sadness, anger, regret or a different feeling?

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When you speak English, what kind of accent do you have? Is it Russian, kiwi, or maybe Canadian? As someone from the UK who emigrated to the US I'm interested because some people lose their home accent quite quickly and others do not.