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I was too homeless at 19, and now I do database management for a pharmaceutical company called PPD. Crazy the similarity in situations.

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This is awesome, I actually had gynecomastia, the surgeon actually ended up screwing up.

My nipples are odd shaped, two different oval shapes basically. I lost almost all feeling in them. The scars are horrid and make them look funny, along with the actual scars hurt from time to time. They also came out larger than half dollar coins. I'm quite jealous with how well these came out.

Sucks to be a guy, try to gain self respect, and then pay several thousand for them to screw up. They also said it would cost extra to fix their mistakes. I've not been back since. Just deal with it.

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Yeah, how did you get into cancer research? I love clinical trials, and the development of drugs. Sadly though I work third shift, actually about to get off work soon.