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Why do politicions lie and avoid questions? People would respect them more if they weren't so stuck up. After reading this post I'm sure the majority of people here wouldn't vote for you.

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What exactly did you do?

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Has any of your patients died from plastic surgery complications?

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Has anyone been able to hurt themselves in that room?

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Hello! I'm just starting out as a tabletop game designer, and have almost finished my first game and I just have some noobie questions!

  1. How were you able to afford an artist for your game after just being laid off?

  2. How long does it take you to make games?

  3. How much average to you make per game?

  4. Did you ever consider expanding your business and hiring people?

  5. Are you games all the same genre or do they differ tremendously?

  6. Did you ever create an expansion for a game?